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Return/exchange policy

Since we specialize in custom made jewelry, we do not allow refunds or exchanges. Please read the item description on each listing carefully and be sure of your ring size before checking out. Thank you!


How the Stamped Rings are made

How it's Made: We start with a blank .925 Sterling Silver ring. Each ring is carefully stamped by hand using stamps and a hammer. Each character is stamped out one at a time. No machines are used. The ring is then buffed and polished to a beautiful shine, packaged and sent off to you to wear for a lifetime.


What is Gold fill?

Gold filled is made by bonding a layer of real 14k gold to either side of a base metal. Imagine a sandwich- the bread is gold, and the insides of the sandwich is the base metal! Gold fill is not the same as gold plated! Gold fill pieces contain 100x more gold and in order to be legally called gold fill, a piece has to have a minimum percentage of gold in the piece in it! This percentage is based on the total weight of the piece. Gold fill does NOT flake or peel and with care, they will last for years! We do NOT use gold plated materials. Instead, we use heavy gold fill, which contains more gold than gold plated, and is also permanent and will not wear off or tarnish.

Gold filled pieces are the best of both worlds - the look and feel of solid gold without the price!


Care Instructions

To clean, rinse under water gently and pat completely dry with a non-abrasive cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths such as tissues, shirts or towels. Do NOT rub, as accumulated dirt can cause scratches. Only clean with materials safe for gold filled pieces. Avoid exposure to humidity and moisture. Keep out of contact with chemical and products.