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Meet Ashley

Lissa & Nate has been a family affair since opening in 2013. Melissa does the stamping and creates new designs and Nate does the ring carving and book keeping. Since this has always been a two person operation, the shop has needed to close from time to time so they could handle the other things that come up in life or just take a minute to get caught up on orders. They decided that this year it was time to add another person to the team. Ashley was hired to take on some of the behind the scenes responsibilities so that the shop could stay open regularly and Melissa and Nate could focus on creating beautiful pieces for you!

Hello! My name is Ashley and I live in Ramsey, MN with my husband, Jordan and daughter, Eisley. We also have 3 chickens named (by my daughter) Princess, Sunshine and Rose. We also have 2 Rabbits and a small dog named, Winnie.

Our family loves to be outside in the summer, camping and having bon fires. We love to travel and take road trips and show our daughter new places. A lot of our travel does involve baseball games. We like to see the Twins play at new stadiums each year. So far we have visited 10 different ball parks and went to spring training in Fort Meyers, FL.

I have worked with kids in the local school district for almost 20 years and I also ran an Event Coordinating business for many years on the side. I am excited to use my skills in a totally new way and support a company that makes products that I love! I have known Melissa and Nate for over 7 years and loved wearing their designs myself as well as giving them as gifts. 

My favorite necklace is the chelsea in rose gold. I rarely take it off and it look so great layered with any other piece. My other favorite is the rainy which is a limited edition, personalized gold bar necklace. Melissa stamped it to say, "Ottobre e amore", which means, "October is love" in Italian. Jordan and I were married in October and ten years later (2 days before our anniversary) our daughter was born. We got to spend our 12th anniversary in Italy as a family and our daughter ate gelato every day! I love that I have a necklace that reminds me of so many special events in my life. 

I can wait to share more of my life with you and get to know you better as well!

Love, Ashley

Go Twins!!!

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