Melissa and Nathan Gylland, married and from the great state of Minnesota. We are both 30 (yikes!), we have one pet, a (friendly) Chihuahua named Audrey, and we live on a lake just outside of Minneapolis. Summer time is our favorite. Every weekend is filled with friends enjoying the water (unless we're at a show).

Nate’s family has been making personalized jewelry since the late 70’s, but as a couple we haven't always been jewelers. We started out together running a cleaning business, cleaning both commercial and residential properties. Nate also enjoyed doing some vehicle maintenance. During that time we also opened our Etsy shop. Even though that work kept us busy and well-fed, we weren't totally satisfied and our desire to create and travel was too overwhelming. So we took a class on learning the Spanish language, packed our bags and traveled to Central America! We moved into a house in the small, wonderful town of Rio Dulce, Guatemala. It was an adventure we will never forget! While distancing ourselves from the distractions of the typical busy lifestyle back home, we honed our skills in the art of jewelry making under the shade of a small tree. While living in Guatemala we had a lot of time to really meditate on what we wanted to do for work. You might have guessed that our answer wasn't scrubbing toilets! We decided that when we returned to the States we would try our darnedest to make jewelry the main focus of our attention. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to travel, and the experience served us well. Since returning to Minnesota we began participating in many craft fairs, some quite large. We love the world of creating, and we really enjoy meeting other artists who are doing what they love to do!

While there are no shortage of people selling handmade jewelry on the internet, we like to think our pieces are a little more unique. Being able to personalize jewelry for each customer is very rewarding. Whether it’s with the name of a loved one, a date that marks a special event, or a personal saying that gives motivation, each piece is special to us because it means something to the person that ordered it. We really enjoy interacting with our customers and hearing their stories. One of our favorite things is to see our customers reaction to what we have just made for them! Many times they are overcome with emotion when they see that special someone’s name on their ring. It is so rewarding, that is why we love what we do!

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